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Open corner sliding doors allow Ipswich home to connect with outside

With a keen eye for design, Nick and Sarah had a clear vision for the extension to their Ipswich home; to create a seamless link to their garden in all seasons.  They wanted to easily move between inside and out in the warmer weather, whilst keeping the heat in and making the most of the view and light in winter.  The answer?  Open corner sliding doors.

Nick and Sarah had been inspired by other aluminium installations and began their research, contacting many aluminium door specialists.  

“We wanted to maximise the light, and the view over the garden, but needed really good thermal performance as well.  We researched U-Values, draught proofing and wanted to ensure there was no cold bridging (gaps in the insulation)”

They decided on The Burgess Group after visiting our Woodbridge showroom, where they could experience the look and smooth operation of the doors for themselves.

Slim profile, aluminium sliding doors with an open corner and flush threshold
Slim profile, aluminium sliding doors with an open corner and flush threshold

A decision to specify our open corner sliding doors, which move to reveal a completely open corner and the appearance of a room that never ends, ensured this extension would really have the wow factor. 

How does it work?  The floating corner can be achieved by completely cantilevering the roof above the doors, which is what Nick and Sarah opted for.  Alternatively, a structural post can be incorporated, set just inside the doors. 

With initial assistance from an architect, Nick worked with a structural engineer to design the room, and we were happy to help in ensuring the doors were a perfect fit.

“We had a lot of support from The Burgess Group team on technical aspects, they sent technical drawings and examples of tracks.  They carried out an initial site visit, then revisited following some challenges with the overall design, we’d have no hesitation in recommending them”.

Nick and Sarah opted for our SVG30 doors, which offer smooth operation, a flush track and a slim intermediate frame, to capitalise on the view through the glass.

“We spent a lot of time thinking about how the whole thing had to work together.  We went for a very narrow 30mm sightline.  The doors are closed for 99% of the time, having a small sightline means we get the best view and the most light.”

The result is a truly stunning addition to a beautiful home, which has achieved what Nick and Sarah wanted it to.

“It’s given a direct route into the garden, created extra light into the house and allowed us to sit by the window when it’s cold and see into the garden, because it’s warm in winter.

And the open corner; when they’re all open on a summer’s day – it connects the house with the garden in a way you can’t imagine.”

Slim profile, aluminium sliding doors with an open corner and flush threshold

Explore our open corner sliding doors here or experience them for yourself at our showroom within Notcutts in Woodbridge.

What is a corner opening?

You may be looking for a way to fully open your home to harmoniously merge with your outdoor living space. 

These floating corner sliding doors have the ability to slide back on two sides; resulting in a completely showstopping open corner.

This technology has been available for over 10 years, during this time Sunflex has tested and refined the system to marry seamless performance with the desirable stylish look.

It may be that you choose to fully cantilever the roof above the doors (as is the case for the project above), or that you include a structural post set inside the doors. The outcome is the vision of the roof floating above the opening, visually it is incredibly impressive.

Cover plates sit over any unused tracks to keep the divide between inside and out seamless.  You have the ability to incorporate a pocket open corner sliding door, you can have one elevation longer than the other, doors can be designed to open at a 90 degree corner or even 270 degree corners. All our corner opening doors not only meet the security accreditation of the Secured by Design award and the requirements of PAS 24:2016 testing, but they also exceed it.