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Open-Corner Sliding Doors

Floating open corner sliding doors effortlessly create the appearance of a never-ending room, benefitting from an integrated corner post that ensures ease of movement and operation. 

There are several options available when installing open-corner sliding doors. You might decide to cantilever the roof above the doors completely, or you may prefer to install a structural post inside the doors to support it from within.

Whichever you choose, it will appear as if the roof in the corner of the room floats above the opening, creating a statement-making design feature in your living space. 

You can opt for the corner option across our range of sliding door systems, and the durability and security of these precision-engineered sliding doors are unquestionable.

We’re also used to working with your architects on projects of any size.

Our experienced design consultants at our showrooms in Woodbridge or Bury St Edmunds will be pleased to advise you on the options available and how an open-corner might transform your home.

  • Create the appearance of a room that never ends. These open-corner doors work effortlessly and make a stand-out statement to your room design.
  • Open corners are ideal for extensions or new builds. We can work alongside architects for larger projects and interior designers.
  • Our expert installation teams are courteous and tidy, ensuring your exceptional customer service remains consistent from start to finish.

Open Corner Sliding Door Installations