Bi fold doors

For the wow factor

The best way to link your home’s interior to your beautiful garden is to install bi fold doors. With an innovative and easy-to-operate mechanism, they fold, slide, and stack away to one side, perfect for entertaining guests on a scorching summer’s day. 

Timber bi fold doors have the wow factor and are available in gorgeously engineered oak, redwood, or meranti. We apply three coats of micro-porous paint or stain to ensure durability, making them resilient and attractive.

Alternatively, you can opt for sleek aluminium and steel look doors, which feature contemporary designs and square edges with slim sightlines. Like timber, you can choose the colour scheme to match your home’s aesthetic.

So, if you love welcoming guests to your beautiful home, the installation of timber or aluminium folding doors undoubtedly adds the wow factor to your property and seamlessly blends the inside and outside of your home.


Bi-Fold Door Installations