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Timber French Entrance Doors

Timber French doors are an effortlessly beautiful option for your home. They can open inwards or outwards and are factory glazed and paint-finished for exceptional durability and low maintenance long into the future.

When building our Timber French doors, we incorporate various technical innovations to give you peace of mind following installation. Each timber door is crafted with robust and layered timber, using energy-efficient double glazing. We then finish our doors with long-lasting weatherproofing for durability.

Should you choose The Burgess Group, we’ll tailor your French doors to your precise measurements, ensuring that they’re a perfect fit (literally and metaphorically!) for your home. You can pick from bespoke options like Georgian bars and gorgeous paneling, ensuring that your French doors are precisely how you want them to be.

Why not visit our showrooms to see and feel the quality of our timber range for yourself.

  • Your timber French doors will be thoughtfully designed, made to measure, and a beautiful addition to your home.
  • Choose from a wide range of colours and door furniture. Ask us for a colour swatch to help you make a choice.
  • Our expert installation teams are courteous and tidy, ensuring your exceptional customer service remains consistent from start to finish.

Timber French Door Installations

Customers Often Ask

Here's some of the questions we often get asked about timber French doors:

What are timber French doors?
Timber French doors are a type of French door made primarily from wood, known for their elegant and classic appearance. They can be designed to open either inwards or outwards and are typically glazed and paint-finished in the factory for enhanced durability and minimal maintenance requirements. Timber French doors combine the aesthetic qualities of natural wood with modern manufacturing techniques to provide both functionality and style.
What are the benefits of timber French entry doors?
The benefits of timber French doors include their timeless beauty and the warm, inviting look they add to your home. They are highly customisable, allowing homeowners to choose from a variety of colours, finishes, and additional features like Georgian bars or decorative paneling. Beyond aesthetics, these doors offer practical advantages such as improved energy efficiency due to their double-glazing, and robust construction that ensures long-term durability and security. The weatherproof finishes applied also helps to maintain their condition over time, reducing the need for frequent upkeep.
Are timber French front doors energy efficient?
Yes, timber French front doors are designed to be energy efficient. They feature double-glazed glass, which helps in minimising heat loss and maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures regardless of external weather conditions. This glazing, combined with the natural insulative properties of wood and the door's weatherproof sealing, contributes to reduced energy consumption for heating or cooling the home, thus not only making them environmentally friendly but also cost-effective in terms of energy bills.

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