Timber Bi-Fold Doors

Crafted to blur the distinction between outside and in, timber bi-fold doors beautifully open up your living and entertaining space, stacking neatly on your home exterior.

Our timber doors incorporate numerous innovative features to ensure efficiency and performance while adding a statement piece to your property.

Featuring factory-applied paint finishes and expert glazing, timber bi-folds offer reliability, durability, and unrivalled protection from the elements, without compromising style and design. 

At The Burgess Group, we handcraft bespoke timber bi-fold doors to match your expectations, utilising the latest energy-efficient glass and innovative technology to enhance your home.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be pleased to advise you on the options available to you. Feel free to drop in to one of our lovely showrooms in Woodbridge or Bury St Edmunds.

  • Your timber bi-fold doors will be thoughtfully designed, made to measure, and a beautiful addition to your home.
  • Choose from a wide range of colours and door furniture. Ask us for a colour swatch to help you make a choice.
  • Our expert installation teams are courteous and tidy, ensuring your exceptional customer service remains consistent from start to finish.

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Customers Often Ask

Here's some of the questions we often get asked about bi-fold doors:

What are timber bi fold doors?
Timber bi-fold doors are specially designed doors made from wood that can fold in sections and open up completely, connecting the indoor space with the outdoors. They are crafted to stack neatly when opened, thus maximising the opening space and enhancing the flow between your home's interior and exterior.
What are the benefits of timber bi fold doors?
The benefits of timber bi-fold doors include their ability to seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor living areas, providing a spacious and open feel. They are also built with durability and style in mind, featuring expert glazing and factory-applied paint finishes that offer unrivalled protection from the elements. These doors serve as a statement piece for your property, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and potentially increasing its value.
Are timber bi fold doors energy efficient?
Yes, timber bi-fold doors are energy efficient. Our timber doors are fitted with the latest energy-efficient glass and incorporate innovative technology that minimises heat loss. This ensures that your home stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer, helping to reduce your energy bills.
Are timber bi fold doors secure?
Timber bi-fold doors are designed with security in mind. They are equipped with high-quality locking mechanisms and robust construction that offer significant resistance against forced entry. This ensures that while they provide aesthetic and functional benefits, they do not compromise on the safety and security of your home.
What is your service area?
Our service area includes: Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and North Essex.

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