Where Are Evolution Windows And Doors Made?

Where Are Evolution Windows And Doors Made

Evolution is a leading manufacturer of high-quality windows and doors located in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom.

The company prides itself on expert craftsmanship and cutting-edge innovation to create beautiful and durable products.

All Evolution windows and doors are handmade in Great Britain.

About Evolution

Evolution designs and manufactures award-winning bespoke windows and doors that are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in their Biggleswade factory.

Evolution is renowned for constantly pushing the boundaries of window and door design and quality. They merge innovation with traditional values to create advanced products that enhance homes.

Why We Love Evolution Windows & Doors

Here’s why we’re big fans of Evolution, and why you will be too:

Traditional Craftsmanship

Evolution Window

At Evolution, everything is handcrafted for unrivalled quality. They do not use machines, only the expert hands of their talented craftsmen. This ensures excellence in every product.

Some examples of their traditional hand finishing processes include:

  • Cutting and assembling each Georgian astragal bar by hand
  • Individually handcrafting each Mock Horn detail
  • Piecing together each section of a window or door manually

This craftsmanship results in windows and doors of exceptional quality.

Made in Britain

Evolution Timber Alternative PVCu Window Pegstay

All Evolution windows and doors are proudly handmade in Great Britain.

Their Biggleswade factory is packed full of skilled craftspeople who expertly assemble each product. This ensures they maintain their high standards of workmanship.

Innovation in Design

While Evolution values traditional techniques, they also utilise cutting-edge technology. Their innovative machines are specially designed in-house to craft products unrivalled in the industry.

They continually refine their designs through customer feedback to remain at the forefront of window and door technology. This allows them to offer products that suit any home, from modern new-builds to traditional cottages.

Long Lasting Quality

Evolution UPVC windows with classic Georgian bar

Evolution windows and doors are built to last. Their handcrafted manufacturing process creates robust and durable products. Before dispatch, every window and door undergoes thorough quality inspections.

They use quality materials chosen to stand the test of time and withstand weathering. With relatively low maintenance requirements, Evolution products provide lasting performance and enjoyment for years to come.

Bespoke & Beautiful

The Evolution range offers customers practically limitless options for a fully bespoke window and door installation. With hundreds of colour choices, varied glazing types including leaded and acoustic, and a wide selection of accessories, you can create your dream windows and doors.

Their exquisite attention to detail like elegant sightlines, deep cills, butt hinges, and hand-finished joints create luxury windows and doors that beautifully enhance homes.

Interested In Evolution Doors or Windows?

If you’d like to discus installing Evolution doors or windows in your home, get in touch with our team today on 01394 386666

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