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FINEO Glass – Ultra Slim Design with Maximum Indoor Comfort


FINEO glass, now available on our Bygone timber alternative sash windows, introduces pioneering vacuum-insulating glazing.

With a thickness of as little as 10mm, they are exceptionally lightweight and achieve thermal efficiency values that you would expect from triple glazed windows.

Perfect for both new build projects and replacement windows, insulating FINEO glass delivers an exceptionally low U-Value, resulting in a warmer
internal pane, and actually increases the amount of natural light by around 15%.

With the future in mind, FINEO glazing is focused on sustainability too, being recyclable and lead free. 

Bygone Fineo Timber alternative sash windows with exceptional thermal efficiency.
Fineo glass sash windows from Bygone at The Burgess Group

What is FINEO Glazing?

FINEO create double glazed panels that are composed of a 0.1mm vacuum between 2 glass sheets, one that is coated with a low-emissivity layer. This pioneering glass technology allows the distance between the panes to be much smaller, whilst offering excellent thermal efficiency. The partnership between Masterframe sash windows, who produce our beautiful Bygone range, and FINEO, means we can offer this exceptional glass within our timber alternative sash windows.

What are the benefits of FINEO Glazing?

  • Keeping the heat in – FINEO glazing provides similar thermal properties to triple glazed panels, but in a much thinner and lighter (up to 40% less weight) double glazed pane
  • More light – Because the pane can be so much thinner than standard double glazing, it means more light can flood your home
  • A sustainable choice – Alongside a longer expected lifetime (which comes with a 15 year warranty for the glazed panels) than traditional glazing, FINEO glazing is 100% recyclable and made from environmentally friendly materials only
  • Soundproofing – A significant reduction in external noise pollution

Find out more about our Bygone range, or get in touch with us at our Woodbridge or Bury St Edmunds showrooms to find out more about how Fineo glazing could enhance your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is FINEO Glazing made?

FINEO Glazing is made in Europe in a state of the art manufacturing facility. It’s the only vacuum glazing to be made in Europe.

What is the U-value of FINEO glass?

The U-value of FINEO glass within our Bygone sash windows is 1.2U, similar to triple glazed windows but 3-4 times thinner.

Is FINEO glass suitable for buildings in conservation areas?

We have worked with many customers in conservation areas, installing beautiful new Bygone windows with conservation officer approval. FINEO glass can now be an option for all customers within our range of Bygone frames.