Steel-look casement windows

Steel-look casement windows are art-deco-inspired and deliver a modern solution to a much-loved classic design. All our steel-look casement windows offer sleek and slim sightlines.

Like all The Burgess Group windows, our steel-look windows are handcrafted to your specifications. They can be modified to feature in any surround, offering period charm or contemporary allure.

The steel-look casement windows are manufactured from precision-engineered aluminium, ensuring exceptional durability and performance as far as warmth, security, and durability are concerned. If you’re fortunate to live in a coastal area, we specify a marine finish for your windows to protect them from the elements better.

They’re designed to replicate traditional steel windows, with charming design features like the handle backplate, bottom kick plate, and slim horizontal and vertical glazing bars, which are incredibly versatile and can be modified in various ways.

  • Every steel-look product is built specifically to your specification, including your colour and finish of choice.
  • Slim and equal glass sightlines maximise the glazing area while offering iconic grid-like designs, from classic heritage to contemporary.
  • Guaranteed high thermal, security and weathering performance.

Steel Look Window Installations